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NavigateHR, is a global HR consulting firm offering strategic human resource management solutions to multiple industries and across verticals, collaborating with organizations in Executive Search, Lateral Hiring, Talent Management, Training & Development, Leadership Development, Psychometric Solutions and HR Advisory Services. Our commitment is to help organizations prepare for the Future of HR in a rapidly transforming business environment and helping them to deal with increasingly agile and restless workforce. With the ever-changing dynamics, we identify and address challenges for organization effectiveness and best HR practices. With vast expertise in major industry sector and key functional area we enable organizations to address the HR 4.0 scenario to advise the right solutions and customized offerings that provide a sound basis for developing robust, future-proof strategies.

In recent times , the work culture in India has changed dramatically particularly after Digital Revolution and Data connectivity. The immense growth in the new age business models have brought a shift in the relationship between employee and employers and their relationship dynamics. Keeping this change in mind Navigate has invested a great deal in building future Talent ready assessments and HR technologies.

With the growing changes in the dynamics of hybrid work culture across the globe, post digital revolution, the need for Cyber Security, Ethics and Digital Hygiene has become area of concern and attention for organizations across industries. Being an HR firm we have adopted and embraced change as per the need of our clients. We therefore have associated with Industry experts into the field of Cyber Hygiene and Ethics training and simulation programs.

ESG (Environmental, social and governance) criteria are of increasing interest to companies, their investors and other stakeholders. We at NavigateHR have built CSR advisory division to help organizations to understand the social impact of activities undertaken by them and also identification of territory and cultural specific CSR activities, legal and regulatory compliances and governance.. With growing concern about the ethical status of companies, these standards are the central factors that measure the ethical impact and sustainability of investment in a company.

Considering Hiring a recruitment agency but want to learn more about the benefits first? 5 reasons why hiring Navigate Human Resources Consultants is really a good idea for your business.

Why NavigateHR?

1. Experience , Expertise and resources to find The Best Talent

We have access to the best talent available; this includes access to candidates that are actively seeking work, as well as talent that is currently employed elsewhere.

Being HR recruitment firm with years of experience and reach we are naturally connected with all kinds 0f job seekers on the market; candidates who are actively looking for a new job position are more likely to register with Us due to our nature of work and also because of efficiency. Navigate will position job vacancy adverts on a range of job boards, understanding the logistics and marketing value behind using each one - invaluable knowledge that can only be accessed from working in the recruitment sector.

Finding the right candidates can sometimes be difficult, simply because they can be hard to find. If candidates don’t position themselves as ‘actively seeking a job’ then they are most likely to have a trusted, specialist recruiter who commits to job applications on their behalf – that’s access to a ‘talent pool’ that may be unreachable otherwise.

We have large and diverse network and the potential to leverage their networks to help connect you to the right people.

2. Saves Time

It’s common knowledge that in business, time is money; however, if you hire us , you are saving time. We undertake responsibility to take care of the initial steps in the hiring process. No more sifting through applications and CV’s, we will ensure that the time you spend in the application process is spent wisely on viewing only those worth considering.

However, it doesn’t end there; we will then schedule interviews and prepare the candidates with all the information they need – all you have to do is prepare and turn up!

We deal with all of the administration issues such as: communications with successful candidates and unsuccessful applications, as well as verifying candidate information like qualifications and references.

Hire us and we will reduce the time and in-house resources needed for recruitment dedication; this can lead to a quicker turnaround in filling vacancies and an increase in the efficiency of the organisation.

3. Saves Money

Naturally saving time is saving money . if you hire us you will be saving a lot of time and effort of your teams and they can focus on their core jobs and leaving this a very time consuming and specialised job to us.

What you will do when you are hiring for specialised skill for bulk hiring you can rest assured that we will do the best job for you and assist you in your endeavour to higher the top quality man power suitable for your organisation

4. Value Added Services

We conduct primary background checks on candidates, which is essential when considering potential employees; this can be really time consuming as it involves following up on references, conducting preliminary interviews and making sure the candidate matches what they promise on their CV. You can be hugely benefitted by the additional value added services provided by Navigate Human Resources Consultants for example: psychometric tests, competency assessments, customised training and learning programs, cyber security products like clean exit and cyber ethics , industry mapping for various HR projects etc

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