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CyberSecurity & ETHICS


We all are now witnessing a massive Digital revolution. Everything seems to be changing at an unimaginable rapid speed, every business is trying hard and competing to bring the world at the doorstep of their customer, making things easier and easier, it appears that the world is being controlled through mobile phones and computers and the distinction between virtual and real is getting blurred, in fact it seems that the Virtual is the new reality This new digital world has its own benefits and challenges. While one can perform one’s personal and professional duties from the comfort and convince of their homes and get whatever they want just by clicking few buttons on their mobile phones and laptops, one can also find criminals and fraudsters intruding and violating their privacy and even threaten our safety.

Our virtual identity is fast replacing our real identity, our emails and social media accounts have become extension of who we believe we are, in a world where perceptions matter, we are as powerful as people believe to be but at the same time, we are equally vulnerable to online bullying, stalking, threatening, abuse and kind of mental harassment. In the new world real money is replaced by virtual money, a lot of what we value, and treasure is on internet. While we can access all kind of information, our own information public and private can also be accessed by cyber criminals. Things like impersonation, identity theft, cyber bullying and stalking, hacking, child pornography, blackmailing, data breach and theft and phishing have become real dangers.

The urgent need of these changing times is that we must promote cyber ethics among our workforce, digital hygiene must be made compulsory. We must build a workforce that follow Cyber ethics.

We wish to help., Guide and support our clients with solutions on Cyber Security and Ethics. For this very reason, we have associated with experts who are very best in the field of Cyber Hygiene and Ethics training.

Navigate Human Resources Consultants has partnered with Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) a non-profit organization and Clean Exit Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (Clean Exit) for providing services and training courses on Workplace Ethics, Cybersecurity and awareness.

ISAC is non-profit cyber security organization functioning in collaboration with govt bodies like Ministry of Education, Govt. of India, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), and Clean Exit is an incubation of ISAC with registered trademark dealing with workplace ethics rating.

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Program Offered: The program and certifications are conducted every month. Reach out to us to know more about the program in details.

Program Name Program Description Program Link
Clean Exit Complete Description Proceed to payment
Cyber Crime Intervention Officer Complete Description Proceed to payment
National Cyber Security Scholar Click for read more
NSD Certified Penetration Tester Course (NCPT) Click for read more
Bug Bounty Researcher Click for read more
Cyberange Virtual Labs Click for read more

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